"Oaxaca, Mexico: An

Expatriate Life"

Writing and Photos

by Diana Ricci

The Friday Market in Conzatti Park: a photo essay

One of the pleasures of living and cooking in Oaxaca is the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce.

There are lots of markets, big and little, but I began going years ago to the Friday market, in a park about 10 blocks from the Zócalo. I do most of my weekly shopping at the Friday market.

The stands you see in these photos are set up in the morning, and dismantled in the evening.

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We hardly ever use sugar, the honey is so fresh and tasty. I always wash out my bottle and bring it back for a refill.
Fish comes up from both coasts, every Tuesday and Friday in the early morning. We can usually choose from shark, red snapper, yellow-fin tuna, and a couple of kinds of whitefish.
Bread, bread rolls, sweet rolls and cookies are sold fresh here.
Mama and her older children tend this stand, where we do most of our shopping.
Chicken done the old fashioned way, on a grille over coals.
If you run out of carrying space, you can always buy a basket from this lady. She keeps her overhead down...
If shopping makes you hungry and you can't wait to get home, buy a plate of tacos.
You can even buy a "home-made" bracelet, necklace or earrings, for yourself or for a present.


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