Oaxaca, Mexico: An Expatriate Life

The Writing and Artworks of Michele Gibbs and George Colman

Painter, sculptor, writer, poet, social activist, and more, Michele Gibbs is a many-faceted gem, whose works give off a special brilliance born of her African American and Russian Jewish parentage, the radical tradition they represented, and informed by her own international travels, studies, and more than 25 years experience in the movement for fundamental social transformation .

Citizen of the world, Michele Gibbs currently resides in Oaxaca, Mexico, from which she travels outward to lecture, show her visual creations, and speak her written words.

I know her as a friend, of which there are none more loyal and partisan; as a mentor whose advice is always loving, insightful, and often tough; as a peer who is always willing to share knowledge and points of view.

These pages contain a small percentage of the body of work which comprises her legacy, a body that she is continually enriching with new contributions. I invite you to spend some time getting to know this world class artist / writer.

George Colman is easily the best interviewer , and one of the most disciplined writers I have ever met. That's because he is genuinely interested in what makes people -- as well as movements and sweeping historical events -- tick. With George, there's no hidden agenda, and people sense this and open up to him.

George grew up in the Pennsylvania, and chose to move to Detroit, Michigan in 1956, where he involved himself in various progressive / left social justice organizations. His published writings, which span a range from labor history to adventure fiction, bring together his love for the written word, his fine ear for the meaning of what people say, and his belief that we are our own best resource.

A voracious reader, a gentle but demanding critic, his insights have the capacity to enrich us all.

(Stan Gotlieb, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2002)

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