Oaxaca, Mexico: An Expatriate Life

The Writing of Stan Gotlieb

I have lived in Mexico since 1994. Before I came to Oaxaca, I had never had a single thought of becoming a writer. All that changed when, after sending three letters to a personal friend who happened to be the publisher of a monthly newspaper in Minneapolis, I received a check for $75, with a note asking that I keep submitting pieces. Dumbstruck, I stood rooted to the spot outside the Oaxaca post office until I could answer the question "does this mean I'm a writer?".

Since then (I answered "yes"), I have published over 100 "Letters From Mexico", 200 subscription-only "Oaxaca / Mexico Newsletter", and several magazine articles and book contributions. Featured here are chapters from a work in progress, tentatively titled "An Inappropriate Life". Intended as memoire, these slices from my life are meant to amusing, historical, and, for some, disturbing. Enjoy!


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