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"Simply the best, most informative, and entertaining source for news about Oaxaca and southern Mexico. For eight years, Stan Gotlieb has consistenly and precisely reported on the developments that my readers wanted to know about:"

Willy Chaplin, webmaster, Dream Machine Network Services.

Stan Gotlieb has over 150 "Letters From Mexico", on the Web, and an equal amount of Newsletters, magazine articles, and book contributions in print. During eight years of writing from Oaxaca, Mexico, he has become an established authority on the politics, popular culture, and facilities of this growing tourist destination. His partner, Diana Ricci, an expert on local folk art and architecture, has published at least an equal number of photographs. They invite you to SUBSCRIBE to the Oaxaca / Mexico Newsletter, available only electronically. Be one of the growing number of people with whom they share their knowledge and understanding.

We publish a monthly newspaper dedicated to looking beneath the media hype. We depend on our authors to provide us with news that the New York Times won't print. "Letters From Oaxaca, Mexico" has been a staple on our pages for eight years. Stan Gotlieb is a clear voice from an often confusing part of the world. Anyone who wants to know Mexico from behind the curtain should read his "Oaxaca / Mexico Newsletter:"

Ed Felien, publisher, Southside Pride, Minneapolis MN

Stan and Diana publish the Oaxaca / Mexico Newsletter fifteen times a year. Each Newsletter features Diana's photographs. A digest of Mexican politics and culture, most Newsletters also contain a "Letter From Oaxaca, Mexico", a feature length commentary on life "down south" by Stan, written exclusively for Subscribers to the Newsletter.

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