"Oaxaca, Mexico: An

Expatriate Life"

Writing by Stan Gotlieb

Pictures by Diana Ricci

Some of my favorite photo albums


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A photo essay that features Avenida Macedonio Alcalá, the "walking street" of Oaxaca, México.
A photo essay that features the Zócalo of Oaxaca, México.
The Oaxaca Zocalo during Navidad (Christmas season)
The markets of the Oaxaca Valley.
Monte Alban
The Friday market at Conzatti Park.
Santiago Apoala, in the Mixteca Alta mountains.
The Pochote Organic Market.
Artesans of Oaxaca
Neighborhood Watch Banners, 2006

The Street Peddlers of Oaxaca

Graffiti Hecho en Oaxaca



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