Volume 9, No. 2: January 31, 2004


With ten governorships up for election later this year, out of a total of 31, the “minority” parties are intent on defeating the long-ruling PRI, even at the cost of “sleeping with the devil” (as it surely must seem to stalwarts of both the liberal PRD and the conservative PAN). The central committees of both parties have voted for alliance in the five states having the most entrenched PRI administrations, including the state of Oaxaca. (more…)

Volume 9, No. 1: January 11, 2004

Welcome to the New Home of Realoaxaca.com

We have moved the location of our web site from the giant – and getting giant-er – internet service provider, Earthlink, to a small, local service run by a friend and constant helper right here in Oaxaca. You won’t notice anything different about the service, and it won’t cost us any less; we just think it’s a good idea to support local folks when we can. (more…)