Volume 10, No. 15: October 11, 2005

The photographer returns:

Diana will be back on the 14th of this month, after a little over a month in Europe, touring Slovenia, Croatia, and Sicily. Since there are no “fresh” pictures available, I am indulging myself in displaying one of my favorite subjects: the posters and banners of protest. The masthead photo is actually of a poster we acquired in California, but a propos nonetheless. I can hardly wait to see the photos from her trip. Stay tuned. (more…)

Volume 10, No. 14: September 17, 2005

Live in the Maya Jungle for 120 Pesos a Day (Yo Dude, that’s 11 U.S. Bucks):

Every once in a while, I come across a personal travelogue that I feel motivated to share with you. This one, written by Alan Goodin, who lives in Oaxaca and writes under the nom de plume “Les Barba”, is such a tale. Alan is also a photographer of some stature, and has graciously agreed to share some of his photos with us, starting with the masthead photo. (more…)

Volume 10, No. 13: August 22, 2005

Zócalo, the nearly final chapter:

Last week, I briefly attended a symposium on the controversial reconstruction of our town square. Unfortunately, the affair was held in a narrow, high-ceilinged auditorium in a wing of the ex-Convento de Santo Domingo (now morphed from the Regional Museum into the Cultural Center), with brick walls and a plaster ceiling: the echo was halacious, and, not being able to hear the words, much less translate them into English, I didn’t last long. (more…)

Volume 10, No. 11: July 28, 2005

New issue of “From the Field”:

The photo in the masthead is of a sculpture that Michele Gibbs recently acquired while in Tanzania . As well as this photo, the latest issue of Michele and husband George Colman’s excellent quarterly online magazine includes photos of artisans, sketches, prose and poetry. Michele concentrates on Tanzania and Zanzibar . George writes about Pete Knoll and CORAL, the non-profit organization dedicated to diagnosing and treating hearing deficiencies in Oaxaca children – a topic we also covered in an earlier edition of the Newsletter. You may access “From the Field” by clicking here. When you are done, just click on the “back” button of your browser to return to this page. (more…)

Volume 10, No. 10: July 11, 2005

New Airlines Coming to Mexico :

While the government proceeds with plans to sell off Cintra, the national monopoly that controls Mexicana and Aeromexico to private bidders, others have taken the opportunity to enter Latin America ‘s second largest domestic air market to directly compete with Mexicana’s new “low-cost” domestic carrier, Mexicana Click. I put low-cost in quotes, because a recent web search gave me results which were only slightly reduced from the old Mexicana tariffs. (more…)

Volume 10, No.9: June 18, 2005

The Zocalo, and other matters of Urban Removal:

Except for the masthead picture, which is of the papaya tree Diana grew from seed in our garden (and which produces pure sweetness with a very thin skin), all photos in this issue are of the Zócalo, taken a few days ago. We hope they illustrate both the horror and the promise of the unnecessary and disheartening project. (more…)

Volume 10, No. 8: June 2, 2005

Bay area street art:

While visiting with a friend in Berkeley recently, we were taken to an area of the San Francisco Bay shoreline known as “the Bulb”. Formed by landfill, the spit of land sticking out in to the bay just west of Albany has reseeded itself in native grasses and flowers. It sports walking trails, beaches and art made with “found” objects, most of which are hatch covers and other large pieces of wood that have floated up from the Bay. A couple of the photos in this issue were taken there. (more…)