Volume 13, No. 11: November 28, 2008

Days of the Dead:

“Muertos” has come and gone. For us, it occurred in the midst of frenzied news-junkie attention to the election lead-up, amidst planning for our trip to Guatemala (of which, more below). On the first of November (the day set aside for children and victims of accidents) we joined dozens of friends at the graveside of Thorny Robison. On the 2nd, we joined our friend Anita for the annual mole and tamales comida at her house. Continue reading “Volume 13, No. 11: November 28, 2008”

Volume 13, No. 9: September 19, 2008

Mushroom hunting in the Juarez mountains:

For years, we’d been hearing about the annual “Ferria de Hongos” (Mushroom Fair) held each year in the village of San Antonio Cuajimoloyas, located in the Sierra Juarez mountains above the Sunday market town of Tlacolula. We had met some of the folks from the “Pueblos Mancomunidades” – the umbrella organization that spearheads various eco-tourism projects in that area – at various functions including the annual Rural Tourism Fair; but between Diana’s bum knee (which limits her climbing ability) and my general aversion to “the great outdoors” ( I confess, I really do prefer concrete ), we just hadn’t gotten there. Continue reading “Volume 13, No. 9: September 19, 2008”

Volume 13, No. 7: July 16, 2008

The teachers and the Guelaguetza:

As part of the deal they made with the governor, the bosses of the Oaxaca teachers’ union will not call for a “boycott” of Oaxaca’s biggest single money-making event, the “Lunes del Cerro” (Monday on the hill) dance extravaganza known as the Guelaguetza. In past years, they have disrupted the events (the last two Mondays of July) in an attempt to “prove” that Oaxaca is “ungovernable” – and that therefore the governor, Ulises Ruíz, should be removed from power. After two years of bitter and fruitless struggle, Ulises – in spite of mountains of evidence of corruption, violent repression of dissidence, and personal enrichment – has proven unshakeable. Continue reading “Volume 13, No. 7: July 16, 2008”

Volume 13, No. 6: June 18, 2008

Thorny Robison is gone:

We grieve the loss of Thornton Robison, long-time resident of Oaxaca, good friend who was snatched from us in an auto accident in Toluca in mid-May. Our hearts go out to his wife, Jane, and their children Jean and Chris and Amanda. Their loss, while incomparable, is nonetheless shared by scores of close friends; the staff of Casa Colonial, their bed and breakfast; the dozens of artisans whose works he and Jane promoted; the Oaxaca Lending Library which they strongly supported; the many charitable and cultural organizations in which they have been involved; and the entire expatriate community of his adopted city. Continue reading “Volume 13, No. 6: June 18, 2008”

Volume 13, No. 4: April 13, 2008

Huatulco development announced:

Each president of Mexico seems to “’discover” a new and better place for a super-resort. For Salinas it was Huatulco; for Zedillo Isla Holbox, in the Atlantic off the tip of Yucatan; for Fox the “Escalera Nautica” (the nautical ladder), a series of marinas and fancy condo developments lining the Sea of Cortez. For Felipe Calderón, whose government seems to have lost interest in the Escalera (Fox’s cronies having already extracted “their share” of the development money), the new “in” place is Huatulco – once again. Continue reading “Volume 13, No. 4: April 13, 2008”