Volume 15, No. 11: January 20, 2011

John Ross, presente!

Word reached us this week that one of my personal heroes has passed on.  John Ross fought liver cancer for a couple of years before it got the best of him.  During almost all of that time, in between the chemo treatments, he finished his magnum opus, “El Monstruo”, a hosanna to his beloved Mexico City; undertook a months-long book tour; pumped out several editions of his blog, “Mexico Barbaro”; and spent almost no time bemoaning his fate. Continue reading “Volume 15, No. 11: January 20, 2011”

Volume 15, No. 10: December 4, 2010

The Changing of the guard:

It’s the day after, and the giant sound stages, the people mover barriers, the generator trucks and all the rest of the extravagant circus that our new Governor, Gabino Cue lavished on himself are gone.  The Zocalo is sparsely occupied at mid-day.  The streets are swept clean and there are balloon sellers – but no others – on the Alameda in front of the Cathedral.  Yesterday, however, was an entirely different kind of day. Continue reading “Volume 15, No. 10: December 4, 2010”

Volume 15, No. 7: September 15, 2010

A transportation hodge-podge:

It’s been raining; and raining; and raining… the federal transportation secretariat estimates run as high as 85 percent of numbered (official) roads that have suffered damage to some degree; bridges are washed out in many places; many are still stranded after a couple of weeks in remote mountain villages from which there is no road of return.  Bus delays are common, where they run at all.  This on top of additional demand (as much as 3 times) created by the bankruptcy of Mexicana airline subsidiaries Link and Click along with the mother company, accounting for about 50% of all airline miles logged inside Mexico. Continue reading “Volume 15, No. 7: September 15, 2010”

Volume 15, No. 4: May 13, 2010

Last Newsletter, I talked about the nuts and bolts of our daily life (“la vida cuotidiana”); but clearly life is more than the sum of one’s shopping list; and an examination of our social life is in order. Before I begin, I want it clearly understood that this is MY reality, and that while she probably agrees with most of what I have to say, Diana’s reality is her own. Continue reading “Volume 15, No. 4: May 13, 2010”

Volume 15, No. 3: March 25, 2010

We are pretty much creatures of habit. We tend to follow our (sometimes individually different) patterns through the days and the weeks of our time here in Paradise. Diana sleeps later than I do; I tend to go to bed earlier. I get up, get on the computer, and catch up on the news, both here and in the U.S. While I am doing that, Diana gets up and goes outside to sweep the bougainvilla flowers off the walk in front of our door. We get some terrific gusts of wind, and the flowers have but a tentative purchase on the branches. Continue reading “Volume 15, No. 3: March 25, 2010”