Volume 17, No. 8: October 26, 2013

Oh, no, not again?

Our mayor, no doubt with visions of rivers of money pouring in to our perennially empty treasury, revived the parking meter plan this week: put meters in the Centro.  Announced with great fanfare before taking it to the city council for approval, it kicked up a firestorm of protest.  In fact, only the parking meter company and the mayor liked the idea.  When it got to the full council, it was resoundingly defeated. Continue reading “Volume 17, No. 8: October 26, 2013”

Volume 17, No. 5: June 20, 2013

The end of the trail:

In this, the 19th year of my bi-national status, and the 75th of my existence, I have resolved that I will be done with annual trips back to the “old country”; that I no longer have any need to live in other places; that Oaxaca, for better or worse, is the stage on which I will play out the long and winding road that has been what I have dubbed my “inappropriate life” (see my incomplete Memoir). Continue reading “Volume 17, No. 5: June 20, 2013”

Volume 17, No. 3: January, 2013


I can now define “perfection”, thanks to the invention of the Perfectometer.  As you can see in the photo, it is easy to construct from scraps lying around the house.  Our friends who invented it are snowbirds, and thank goodness they all come down every year to continue the conversation, contribute to the local economy, and provide us provincials with new ideas like this one. Continue reading “Volume 17, No. 3: January, 2013”

Volume 17, No. 2: December 3, 2012

Oaxaca has something new for you:

In the last days of November, when the temperature drops and we get out our space heater, Diana and I went on an excursion with our pals Stan and Suzanne.  We hired a taxi, and took off for the “new” ruins off the Atzompa road on the “back-side” of Monte Albán.  We had heard that it was an arduous uphill walk to the ruins, perhaps as much as a kilometer.  On the other hand, my Google map showed the road as having been completed right up to the ruins.  “Vamos á ver” (let’s go and see for ourselves”) is our motto. Continue reading “Volume 17, No. 2: December 3, 2012”