Volume 18, No. 2: July 18, 2014

Some things never change:

The classic definition of an obsessive-compulsive is a person who repeats the same unsuccessful behavior over and over hoping that it will work this time or that mere repetition will bestow good fortune. If you or I observed someone exhibiting this kind of self-defeating behavior, we might well suggest a therapist, a cold shower, or a dose of LSD: something to shock them out of the treadmill of hopelessness and self-punishment they have devised for themselves. Continue reading “Volume 18, No. 2: July 18, 2014”

Volume 18, No. 1: June 1, 2014

Noblesse Oblige:

Alfredo Harp Helu is one of Mexico’s wealthiest people, worth over a billion dollars.  His cousin, Carlos Slim Helu (their mothers are sisters), is one of the top two rich guys in the world.  Harp sits on the board of Banamex, while Slim owns TelMex, the nation’s communications monopoly.  Each of them has built public spaces with a small percentage of their money, Slim in MexCity and Harp right here in Oaxaca. Continue reading “Volume 18, No. 1: June 1, 2014”